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I never believed in true love...Yes, you read that right!

My name is Rebecca Castonguay and despite the fact that I take wedding photos for a living you might be surprised to find out I never believed in true love. After many failed relationships and divorce, I gave up on the entire idea. I planned weddings for a living [I know, ironic right?] and though I was genuinely happy for my couples, I was a bit of a cynic. They'd be off on their honeymoons and here I was heading home to my dogs and empty house. Don't get me wrong, dogs are my life, but it was lonely from time to time. I got really complacent and set in my ways until the one day I finally decided to join the world of  "bumble". If you don't know what that is, it's a dating app that gives women the upper hand in swiping and finding a match. I had a few successful dates that turned into ghosting sessions and when I finally got to the point where I was over it, there was Matt. Ok, he was nothing like I pictured; his profile photo showed him holding a glass of wine while smoking a stogie. I saw he worked for a wine distributor that we used at work so I decided to swipe right. It turned out that he was also on there after a failed marriage, so we decided to go on a date. Now, what I can tell you is, admittedly, neither one of us wanted to go. He later told me he sat in the parking lot of the restaurant deciding whether or not to bag the entire date, ok great - thanks. I'm not sure if it was just the nerves or what, but he talked the ENTIRE 

time. No seriously, the man never stopped to take a breath and eat his food, he had to take it home later and I was intrigued. Here was the first time someone in my life was real, honest about himself and where he was at. That date turned into many, we couldn't stop seeing each other - six months later [in the midst of a global pandemic] we got pregnant with our son and on the most perfect day in October 2020, in my parents backyard (masked and all) we said I do in front of our families.

I remember it like it was yesterday, 70 degrees and sunshine with the fall foliage colors in the background - the most quintessential New England Fall day. If you're from New England, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say you could smell fall in the air. The crisp leaves beginning to decay emit a perfume that is unlike any other and perhaps it could have been the raging hormones from pregnancy, I could not stop crying happy tears - but I think it was more the fact that I had finally found my person. After years of repressed anguish in failed relationships, promises made and unkept, I was finally free to love and feel what I had been missing all along. The once cynic was now turned believer and found her perfect match. With his help, we've created a beautiful life that we love and cherish. I can tell you from experience that it does exist, it's out there and when you're lucky enough to find it, hold onto it with every ounce of your being. Find and make time for one another, go on date nights even if it's just to the living room to prioritize your relationship. My family is hands down my greatest accomplishment. Love is clearly the greatest life lesson of all... 

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Photographer, wife, mother, entrepreneur and singer





Thanksgiving is one of my all-time favorite holidays. I  love being surrounded by my family and it's my favorite meal of the year! It reminds me of my childhood and spending time with my grandparents.



Fun fact - I actually went to school for musical theater and I love to sing. I've been on stage with some incredible actors (some famous) and I can tell you they are just like us! 


I love my dogs ears - I know that is super weird to say but petting them relaxes me. It's like puppy ASMR to decompress and completely chill out. Also, he doesn't seem to mind at all! My husband says I turn into Donnie Thornberry every time I see a dog - and he's not wrong... I do. 


I'm a sucker for bad reality tv shows that are absurd. I'm more comfortable staying home on a Friday night watching a show than going to a club or spending a night on the town. 


As your photographer, I'll make sure 

you have countless picture-perfect 

moments that last a lifetime. 

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